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Our History

A Few Words About Us

Passion, experience and a fierce commitment to education are the cornerstones of our success in the beauty industry

Our highly trained service providers are more than just stylists, but they embrace an artistic approach to every client they meet with. The moment you step into our salon, you are engulfed in the ivory, green, and gold tones that encompass the area of the salon and spa.

Sparida Spa Salon is founded on the idea that the highest quality skin care can be provided in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We are innovators in the skincare industry and offer the newest products, services and state-of-the-art equipment. Come join our dedicated professional and highly skilled trained staff as we welcome you to take part in our peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

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About Us

  • A Few Words About Us

    Grand Elty Singgasana Hotel offers its guests a modern accommodation combined with spa & relaxation activities.

    Our layout has been carefully thought out to include increased harmony principles and an enhanced sense of vitality and joy. We are one of the area’s only luxury spa hotels that is energy efficient, green built, and designed to offer the ultimate level of relaxation.

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