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Platinum Package

Platinum Package

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Rp 70.800.000,00


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- wedding room - 1 compliment Deluxe Room for bride - 2 compliment Superior Room for familiy - buffet set table for 500 persons include 2 goat barbecue - ice curving and Wedding cake - accoustice performance - bridal car - voucher discount for Food & Beverages

  • Greg Williams

I bought this for my wife because she was about to spend a whole lot more on something with the same ingredients. I bought 2 bottles three weeks ago and my daughter and wife are crazy about the results. I even tried it and could tell a difference in two days, it’s amazing!

  • Samantha Howell

A friend of mine was raving about how much she loved using a vitamin C serum on her face. I shrugged it off as a fad, like so many others. In disgust, she finally gave me a bottle of this. I used it and was amazed that two days later how much softer my skin felt. I am now sure this product is worth its money!

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