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A glimpse of the Grand Elty Singgasana Tenggarong

Grand Elty Singgasana Tenggarong is the only international standard 3 star hotel Located on Tenggarong Island in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, 

which has complete facilities, we offer business and leisure travelers, with views of the Mahakam River and beautiful forested hills and only 5 minutes from business and the central government.
not only that Grand Elty Singgasana Hotel also offers its guests a wide range 

of facilities including spa & relaxation, meeting rooms, swimming pool and internet access.
Our layout has been carefully thought out to include the principle of increased harmony and increased vitality and excitement. We are the only luxury spa hotel in the region that is energy efficient, built environmentally friendly, and designed to offer the highest level of relaxation

Grand Elty Singgasana Hotel and Elty Smart Lesong Batu Hotel

Formerly a government hotel in Kutai Kartanegara, but over time this hotel has been transferred to 

private investors, namely Bakrieland Hotels & Resorts.

Grand Elty Singgasana Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in Kutai Kartanegara, this hotel has 57 rooms out of 114 units of beds, in addition there are also other facilities such as swimming pool, laundry and dry cleaning, wide-mouthed parking space, cafe entertainment , restaurant and conference room facilities, wadding and mice (Metting). Guests will be satisfied to stay at the Grand Elty Hotel in Singgasa because they are treated to beautiful views, because the location of this Hotel is situated in the mountains. Especially when seen at night, a part of the Tenggarong City of Kutai Kartanegara will be clearly visible.

Hotel Elty Smart Lesong Batu is a 3-star hotel that is managed by the Grand Elty Singgasana Hotel. This hotel is very strategically located in the city center, adjacent to various tourist attractions such as the

 Mulawarman Museum, Jagat Raya Planetarium, and the Panji Sukarame Reservoir.

Hotel Elty Smart Lesong Batu has 17 rooms with 34 units of beds, which are equipped with other facilities such as entertainment venues cafes, restaurants, ample parking and meeting rooms

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